After a tremendous response to its big-stage debut at the renowned Harvest Festival in Fredericton, 8Track Mind quickly established itself as a visually exciting and musically dynamic band that thrills listeners and fills dance floors. One thing everyone points out is the wide range of material this 9-piece band covers and how well those songs are played. There is rock, pop, R&B, dance, and even a bit of latin delivered with energy and excellence. As one fan noted: "Wow, we've never seen a band play Chicago, Stevie Wonder and Lighthouse – this horn section is amazing. And the choice of tunes is really great. These are pro players, and we love the male and female vocal team; singing alone or together they really keep things fresh and interesting. We screamed until they came back for encores."

That's another great thing about 8Track Mind – with its large repertoire of 70s and 80s tunes to select from and the ongoing addition of other classic songs to that list, no two nights are the same... except for the encores.

The music of 8Track Mind comes from these and other great albums. Scroll through and see which ones you remember.